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Establishing an environment of mutual respect and honour within the home is a vital element in the overall development of our family structure. Without mutual respect and honour it is too easy for disruptive and negative elements to take a hold in the relational mix which makes up a family. Adopting a parenting style that values every member of the family helps us build emotionally resilient children.

Family in Fall

'Giving Honour Where Honour Is Due' is important in developing a relational framework that will continue to build up and strengthen the family. Your wife's role within the family needs to be appreciated and shown respect, as does your role as father. As you build up and honour your wife in front of the children, you strengthen the entire family.

It is important not to 'put down or criticise' your wife, especially in front of the children, as this will begin to erode the fabric of mutual respect and honour. If we do, the children may begin to think it acceptable behaviour for them to 'put down' other members of the family.

This negative element, once it has entered into the 'acceptable behaviour' of the family will spread like a cancerous growth and will ultimately result in the children 'putting down' the mother and father as well.


It is also important for the children to hear your 'words of praise' for your wife regularly, as this will reinforce their own honour and respect for her. Appreciating her cooking and hard work, or some of the many other things that she does daily whether in the workplace or in the home, will help her to feel valued and important as well.


Saying things like "Thank you sweetheart for this lovely dinner", or "Hey kids, isn't your mum the best!", "Mum works so hard to take care of us all", "We love you Mummy!" and teaching the children to do it as well, only takes a moment, but has far reaching and beneficial results within the family. Your wife will feel 'like a million dollars' and this will continue to strengthen and bless your marriage as well.


Dads' Call To Action:

Try to say something nice about and to your wife daily, especially in the hearing of the children.


(Exodus 20 v 12)

 "Honour your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you."


(Proverbs 15 v 20)

 A wise son makes a father glad,

 But a foolish man despises his mother.

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