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Young Family

Dads' UNI provides parenting advice for fathers to help them grow their families God's way.

We offer free parenting tips and a range of teachings to help you find and develop your own parenting style, improve your relationship with your children and strengthen your family life. 

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Our full range of teachings act as a parenting guide, and are available to read individually or download from our Resources page. You may also want to visit our blog for new parenting insights and contributions by guest bloggers.


Dads' UNI supports young dads by providing a free subscription service that emails one  fathering tip per week for a year, giving them time to absorb the teaching and begin to implement it within their own family. 


By focusing on positive parenting, we've helped many Dads transform their fathering style and become the fathers they've always wanted to be!

"Your family is a gift from God and it is only with God's help and wisdom that we as fathers can fully prepare them for a wonderful life here on earth and into eternity."

John Nolan Dads' UNI Founder


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