Sorrows’ entrance into mankind

Sorrow and trouble have come as a direct result of the fall of man in the garden of Eden. Before the fall of man there was no sorrow or grief in Mankind, only the joy and peace of living in a Paradise filled with God's presence.

Read (Genesis 3 v 17-19)

God can help you deal with your sorrow effectively

We live in a fallen world where bad things often happen to good people, it is unfortunate but true that we will all face sorrow at some time in our lives. The question is not whether we will have sorrow, but how we will handle that sorrow. Many men do not naturally have the ability to handle sorrow and feel a little overwhelmed when they feel great loss. We as men tend to bottle up our emotions, thinking we may be perceived as weak or effeminate if we show grief, but the opposite is true. It takes great strength of character to come out from behind the facades we build around our emotions, and to be real.

God understands all

God knows the pain we go through as men, and the struggles we face as fathers. He sees all, feels all, knows all. We often feel like we are alone, and no-one can understand the things we are going through, but there is One who understands, One who knows the fullness of all we are facing.

Read (Exodus 3 v 7), (1 Samuel 1 v 15)

Your sorrow and grief are real

Sorrow and grief are very real emotions, they are a powerful life changing experience. If we try to ignore them they can become like a cancer inside us, that embitters us to everything in the world, and robs us of the peace and joy we long for. If we ignore these feelings, it may well be to our own detriment. It may also begin or continue a cycle in our lives of not allowing life's experiences to mould us into wiser men.

Read (Genesis 37 v 33-35)

We don't have to take our sorrow and grief to the grave, although the process to finding emotional stability and clarity may take some time.

God has walked with man experiencing our sorrow

When Jesus Christ came into the world, He did not come as a king or a ruler who was cut off from the challenges of real life. He came as a humble carpenter, who lived and loved those around Him as we do. Before He went to the cross, he experienced the deepest sorrow ever known by man, and came through ready to fulfil His destiny.

Read (John 11 v 33-36), (Matthew 26 v 38-39), (Luke 22 v 41-44)

The purpose behind sorrow and grief

There is often a hidden purpose, or a positive outcome that is invisible amid the storm of sorrow and grief. This purpose can often be seen only after the season has passed, and in the wisdom of hindsight.

Read (Genesis 45 v 5)

Joseph was a man whose life seemed to go from bad to worse, but in the end, he realised that there was indeed an eternal purpose behind his path and a heavenly hand guiding and protecting him along the way. The experiences we face along life's path can be used to develop a deeper wisdom than we've known before and enable us to reach out the hand of friendship to others suffering as we have.

Read (2 Corinthians 1 v 3-4)

God's willingness to help

If God is our Creator, then He must certainly have the ability to help us, if only He were willing to do so. The life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ are an eternal proof to man that God is willing to help man, if only man will come to Him in prayer asking.

Read (Hebrews 4 v 15), (2 Kings 22 v 19), (Job 5 v 17-27), (2 Chronicles 15 v 4)

God's promise for all who come to Him

Prayer is the way we have contact with God. Because God is a gentleman and will not transgress man's free will, He waits until we humble ourselves and ask for His forgiveness and help. Then He can release His strength and comfort into our hearts and begin to bring the emotional healing we desire.

Read (Philippians 4 v 6), (1 Peter 5 v 6), (John 16 v 33)

The answer to man's need

The answer to the problem of sorrow and grief is found being able to allow God's peace to enter into your heart. He alone can take away the power of sorrow from man and replace it with the peace our heart desires.

Read (Revelation 21 v 4), (Isaiah 35 v 10)

God alone has the power and ability to make sorrow and sighing flee away from our hearts, and to fill that space with peace and clarity beyond anything we have ever known.

The process

The process of being able to receive God's healing and strengthening in our emotions is often outworked over a period, depending upon the individual and circumstances. Nevertheless, the process is an exchange, we must ask God to help us to yield or give our sorrow and grief to Him as we are experiencing it, and then we must receive His peace and comfort in place of it. God freely gives us of His Holy Spirit, that we may share in His peace and comfort, even amid difficult circumstances. As men and fathers who are responsible for raising sons and daughters, it is important that we take the time we need to allow the healing process within our hearts.


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