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Updated: Jun 7

We are all given a certain amount of time on this earth to live and to make a difference in our sphere of influence. How well we manage the time given to us often determines whether our life has a positive or negative influence on those we meet along our journey. Like drivers on a busy motorway during the peak hour rush, we can either be part of the problem or part of the solution.

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Getting prepared for the rush hour!

Considerate Drivers

Considerate drivers enter the traffic stream with a calm mind and a peaceful disposition, they understand and accept that during the daily commute to work there are sometimes delays, and they take this in their stride without becoming upset. When an opportunity to help another driver get ahead in the traffic line arises they are friendly and wave them through, realising that the way we treat each other along life’s journey is far more important than competing with others to get there first!

Road Rage Drivers

The road rage driver has usually woken up late after forgetting to set their alarm clock, they run around madly trying to get dressed and have breakfast before they leave for work. They rush out the door and trip over the family dog, spilling much of the lifesaving coffee they are carrying. They then must run back inside for a quick change of shirt and tie and finally jump into the car, only to realise that the petrol tank is nearly empty.

Consequently, they are involved in a mad drive through the suburban streets to the local petrol station, where they perform a pit stop that would make even the professionals envious! The dash to work has now become a Formula 1 race to beat the clock, and every other driver a competitor to defeat. All they can think of are deadlines and angry bosses and this compels them to press down heavier upon the accelerator as they enter the traffic flow.

Failure To Prepare

The road rage driver and the considerate driver both have the same number of hours each day to live, so a lack of time is not the real problem here. Often a major contributing factor in the life of the road rage driver is a failure to prepare adequately for the new day beforehand. Preparation relieves stress and helps us to face each new day without the issue of ever-growing burdens weighing down upon our shoulders.

Planning Ahead

Remembering to fill the car with petrol on the way home and ensuring that you rise early enough to have a good breakfast and enjoy the company of your family before embarking on each day brings the peace of fulfilment and perspective. After all, providing for our family is the real reason that we spend so many hours each week working to make a living.

No one in life plans to fail, but many people fail to plan. Having a daily plan or routine takes much of the stress out of life and enables us as fathers to enjoy the life we have been given and the family we have been blessed with. Developing a well-researched parenting plan also helps us as a father to be better prepared to face our parenting challenges.


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