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Updated: Jun 7

As we progress through life, we meet many different types of people, some will become our friends for a time, but fewer will be our friends for life. Personal relationships make up a huge part of our lives as human beings, how we treat our fellow man and how they in turn treat us. Everyone is wired differently, have had different upbringings and often hold different views than us, and in truth it is these differences that often make life interesting.

Couple in Love
Understanding and implementing the process of forgiveness helps us maintain peaceful relationships

Many may hold a different view than you on subjects like politics, morality or religion or a myriad of other subjects, and every now and then our differences bring us into conflict.

Showing respect for every person we meet in life is vital if we are to live on this world in peace, whether you agree with their world view or not.

On issues that we feel deeply about personally, we often hold very strong views. When two people meet who both hold very strong but differing views on a subject there is often conflict. Conflict left unresolved can lead to one or both people having their feelings hurt, and for some this may leave an emotional scar.

Those among us that are more sensitive emotionally are the most susceptible to being scarred. These are the type of scars that don’t show on the outside, they can’t be seen, but may be powerfully felt as they are scars upon our heart.

People sometimes do things or say things that wound another person emotionally and these hurts often stay in their hearts for a lifetime. These injuries may often come as we attempt to resolve issues within our marriage and with our spouse or wife. Many people deny that they have had their feelings hurt, but still feel the pain inside if the other person is seen or mentioned in conversation. If we are the one who has been hurt emotionally, we can either live with it or take steps to become free of the hurt, by implementing the process of forgiveness.

If we on the other hand have done or said something that has hurt another person, we have the responsibility to resolve the issue with them by asking for their forgiveness.

This can sometimes happen many years after the initial event but is no less powerful or useful. Forgiveness either given to another or received from another person is the pathway to peace both internal and external. "Peace on earth and goodwill among all men!” is proclaimed loudly at a certain time of the year, but it is a value that is best lived daily.

When a person is wounded emotionally, they are far more likely to then go on to hurt someone else, for we all live out of who we are on the inside.

There is a cycle that forms of people being hurt and therefore hurting others, and this cycle continues to multiply in society unless the process is broken. Forgiveness is the most powerful way to break this cycle and bring peace back into our personal relationships.

Conflicts between people are unfortunately inevitable but it’s how we deal with these conflicts that can either set us and others free or leave us bound emotionally for a lifetime. For those who feel the need to be freed from the scars of the heart, I would encourage you to click on the link and read my full teaching on ‘The Process of Forgiveness’.


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