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There are many voices in the world trying to get our attention and saying, ‘This is what will bring you happiness, or this is what you should be doing!’ But as a man, a father and the leader of our family how should we live in this world? As we shoulder the responsibility of being a parent and raising children what path will ultimately prove to be the best for their future?

What are you trying to achieve in life?

Following is a list of some of the most popular modern life philosophies for your consideration:

The pursuit of money

We live in a consumer society where the pursuit of monetary gain is the ‘carrot’ that many people reach for daily. They wake up each morning and subconsciously begin their quest to ‘make a living’ and ‘bring home the bacon’ so that their family is provided for. Although it is an honourable thing for fathers to provide for their families, should our life and thoughts be ruled by the pursuit of pieces of paper with pictures and numbers stamped upon them, is that all we are as human beings?

The pursuit of power

It doesn’t take too much imagination to see that there are many people to whom pursuing power and influence over others is a primary goal. Politicians and businessmen are probably the most visible of this type of person, all you must do is turn on the television to see their impact upon our society. Power and money often seem to go hand in hand, like twins walking down the road of life. Often those with pleasing looks and personalities achieve notoriety and prominence in our society, but shouldn’t wielding power be more about having a strong character, shouldering responsibility and metering out fairness to all?

The pursuit of knowledge

We also live in a society where the acquiring of knowledge is a highly prized commodity. From our earliest years we are set upon a path which often begins with Kindergarten, then onto Primary and Secondary Schools and often followed by College or University studies. The greater our educational standard the more we are respected in society, and we can expect to be paid commensurate with our qualifications. The accumulation of knowledge is commendable, but shouldn’t a person also possess the wisdom to apply that knowledge correctly?

The pursuit of pleasure

Many in our modern society have chosen the path of ‘Hedonism ‘, this school of thought argues that the pursuit of pleasure in all its forms should be our fundamental pursuit. The proliferation of pornography across the world bears testament to its popularity, but is this the way we should live our lives? If pursuing physical/sexual gratification unhindered by any moral compass is the way we should live, then why does man’s conscience condemn him when he acts this way?

The pursuit of religion

The word ‘Religion’ originally comes from the Latin word ‘Ligare’ which means to bind (As in tying someone up with cords) Billions of people around the world use the pursuit of strict religious practices or good works as a pathway to obtain enlightenment, inner peace or forgiveness of sin etc. Through a series of rites, rituals and observances many seek to attain a state of spiritual righteousness to appease the wrath of God. Are those who seek God through strict religious practices or good works more qualified than others to define the path for our lives and family?

The pursuit of truth

If a man had not walked on water and calmed the winds and waves with a word from His mouth, then perhaps we as men could be forgiven for thinking that the pursuit of Money or Power was the path that we should follow. If a man had not healed every sickness and disease brought to Him and even raised dead people back to life, then perhaps we could not be blamed for thinking that the acquiring of Knowledge or the experiencing of Pleasure should be our goal in life. If a man had not proven the greatness of God’s love for us when He allowed Himself to be condemned by the religious establishment and then willingly carried the ‘sins of the world’ upon His own body when He was crucified on the cross then perhaps mere Religious Observances or good works could be the way to enlightenment.

Now there is nothing wrong with attempting to acquire wealth or influence, experiencing pleasure or attaining knowledge or in doing good works, in fact we should all be involved with these activities in our life. But the central claimant upon our life is surely Him who gave us life and revealed Himself to us through His Son.

It is the miraculous transformation that comes to the human heart and the deep and abiding relationship with Him that should be our greatest goal in life. As fathers and the heads of our homes we can do no better than leading our families in the pursuit of truth.


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