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In our nation there are many dads who have grown up without an affectionate father themselves, and so often find it difficult to grasp the concept of showing affection to their own children. Although this is an unfortunate situation, it is still able to be overcome and becomes an opportunity to 'turn our lemons into lemonade'.

Tip 26. Showing Affection

For children that have grown up in a house where affection is readily shown, it's no big deal, it's normal and they have never known anything else. They have however reaped a huge harvest emotionally in comparison to those who lacked this most important family interaction. Whether we are raising boys or raising girls we need for them to feel loved and treasured within our family.

Whatever standard we set in the home becomes routine and expected, and our children just accept that this is 'the way family is done' everywhere. It often comes as a shock later in life when your kids realise that some children grow up without ever experiencing the loving affection that they themselves have grown accustomed to.

Children instinctively understand that they need the loving affection of both their parents to grow strong and secure emotionally. An outward display of caring and loving emotion tells the child in a practical way that they are accepted in this family, and helps them to have a strong foundation in life on which to build a future.


All human beings require the touch of another to impart acceptance and hope into our hearts. Giving the children lots of hugs and kisses regularly sets the standard in the family and helps build the emotional strength they need to prosper in life.


Dads' Call To Action:

Make a point of giving your children a hug and kiss at least once each day.


(Mark 10 v 16)

And He took them up in His arms, laid His hands on them, and blessed them.

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