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Throughout our nation many families suffer from the lack of hearing a certain word regularly within the home. It is a word that has incredible power, and an ability to break through the toughest barriers in human relationships. Raising children in our modern world is often challenging due to the many negative influences they constantly face outside the safety of the home. Bearing in mind the power and effect of these external influences upon a young life, it is doubly important that we as a parent understand and consistently implement the use of this word within the home.

Tip 11. Loving Words

In many families it is a word that is avoided at all costs, like a four letter (swear) word. Nevertheless it is a word that is often felt within the family, but seldom verbalised. That four letter word is 'Love'.

We live in a world that puts incredible forces upon family relationships, and often those forces are attempting to tear the family apart rather than bring it together. When there is conflict within a family as a whole, or members within it, one of the first things that seem to disappear, are expressions of love. 

Often conflict in family relationships bring hurts or offences into peoples hearts, and when people are hurt or offended they 'put up walls in their heart' between themselves and the other person. These walls are a defensive mechanism to protect ourselves from further emotional hurt, but they also become a stumbling block in the reconciliation of that relationship. The giving and receiving of forgiveness is then required to put that relationship back together.


Constantly speaking words of love between the members of the family is crucial in developing a buffer zone, which limits the damage of conflict situations. Saying 'I Love You' regularly to all the members of the family also helps to develop an atmosphere of acceptance and belonging, thereby strengthening the family as a whole.


On the flip side, the longer that 'I Love You' is not spoken within the family unit, the harder it becomes to say at all, and the gap between the hearts of the family members continues to widen. Families that don't verbalise words of love often can eventually fracture, because each individual member is not receiving the love they so desperately need to survive in the family. When the father expresses words of love regularly to the members of the family, there is usually a flow-on affect, where all the members of the family begin to follow suit.


Dads' Call To Action:

Make an effort to verbalise your love for each family member regularly in a way that you feel comfortable with and which they can accept.


(Proverbs 15 v 23)

A man has joy by the answer of his mouth,

And a word spoken in due season, how good it is!


(James 3 v 2)

For we all stumble in many things. If anyone does not stumble in word, he is a perfect man, able also to bridle the whole body.

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