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A home is like a plant conservatory, a place where if we create the right environment, the plants inside will prosper and grow. Every plant conservatory requires the correct ratios of sunlight, water and nutrients in the soil to help the vegetation prosper, and for individual plants those ratios may vary. 

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So it is for your children, each child has specific and individual needs, whether they be emotional, physical, intellectual or spiritual, and it may take a period of time to get the balance right. Gardeners who grow indoor plants like succulents and orchids need different knowledge and experience than those who look after an orchard of fruit trees. Discovering the individual requirements of each child helps us as parents in raising resilient children.

There are many elements that are found in happy homes, and one that is common is "speaking words of encouragement". Children thrive on encouragement, and by consistently speaking words of encouragement we as fathers can shape young lives in a positive way.

By speaking words like " How are you today Champ?", " How's my beautiful Girl?", "You Can Do It!", " I Believe In You", "Well Done!", "Try Again, You'll Do Better Next Time" or " How About We Work On That Together And See If We Can't Get An Improvement Next Time", we are building their self worth and preparing them for success in life.


When we encourage our children, we give them courage to 'win in life'. We build up their self esteem and self worth, and strengthen them for the next challenge in life that they will face. Children that are encouraged by their fathers are far more resilient and confident as they go through life.


If we discourage our children, we will take the courage they need  to win in life from them, and may severely limit their future by negatively affecting their self image. As heads of the home, fathers have a unique position of influence over their children. If "Daddy loves me, and believes in me", then for a child, all things are possible.


Dads' Call To Action: 

Always be on the lookout for opportunities to speak kind and encouraging words to your children. This will develop an atmosphere where your children can grow and flourish in life.


(Collossians 3 v 21)

Fathers, do not provoke your children, lest they become discouraged.


(Ecclesiastes 12 v 11)

The words of the wise are like goads, and the words of scholars are like well-driven nails, given by one Shepherd. 


(Proverbs 15 v 23)

A man has joy by the answer of his mouth, And a word spoken in due season, how good it is!

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