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The way that we treat other people is often a reflection of how we see ourselves and expect to be treated. Many people don't really like themselves very much and so treat other people poorly as well. One of the signs of this that we see in our society is the deterioration of good manners, and generally a lack of respect and consideration toward our fellow man.

Tip 45. Good Manners

Good manners are never 'out of vogue' in a culture such as ours, as they are one of the cords that strengthen interpersonal relationships. Simply saying 'please' and 'thank you' can make all the difference in exchanges between people, and pave the way to better communication. Whether we are a single parent, Co-parenting, divorced or part of a traditional marriage we need a parenting plan that includes raising children with good manners.

When people say 'thank you' when you have done something for them, it gives you a sense of being appreciated, and you will be much more open to exchanges with that person in the future. When requests come with a 'please', it often opens the door wider than the same request without one.

Saying 'excuse me' to someone if you need to get past them in an aisle is far better than dropping the shoulder and charging. A 'pardon me' never goes astray if you happen to burp during a family meal, and shows a level of respect for those dining with you.


Children should also be taught that it is good manners to offer their seat to an adult and especially older people if there are none left on a bus trip etc. Our world could certainly benefit from a greater degree of 'chivalry' in society or just plain good manners.


Good manners are one of the basic ways that our children learn to show respect for authority and should be encouraged in pursuing this consistently throughout their lives.


Dads' Call To Action:

Raising our children with good manners from an early age is one of the keys to ensure that they will grow up and make you proud.


(Proverbs 20 v 11)

Even a child is known by his deeds,

Whether what he does is pure and right.

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