About Dads' UNI

Dads' UNI was launched in 2004 in Brisbane, Australia in response to the huge increase in the number broken families and fatherless children in our nation and around the world. Dads' UNI is designed as a FREE Resource Centre for young men to help them in their role as fathers, and to assist them in leading their families in a caring and responsible way. All Dads' UNI resources are Bible based and Free to Share.


If you have any questions about Growing Families God's Way, or you'd like to share your experience of using our tips and teachings, we'd love to hear from you. 


Please email us at contact@dadsuni.com

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John Nolan

Founder Dads' UNI

John is a former Minister of Religion and prays daily for all those who are being encouraged through Dads'UNI and their families

Dads' UNI Dedication

The Ministry of Dads' UNI is dedicated to the memory of

Daniel Isaac Nolan

Born and died 25/08/1998

Aged 1 Hour