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Building a Fence at the Top of the Mountain

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

For more than a decade Dads' UNI has provided simple but effective resources to the young men of this generation to assist them in raising their families. One of the major motivations to provide this free service to young men was the growing problem of marriage breakdown and family breakup being experienced across our modern western society.

It has been said that the most effective way to help people is to build a fence at the top of the mountain rather than requiring a hospital to be built at the bottom of the mountain.
Man falling
It's better to build a fence at the top of the mountain than a hospital at the bottom!

To counter this growing trend Dads' UNI has continued to promote a parenting model based upon an effective biblical approach to raising your family. Giving young fathers the tools they need to grow into their role as a father and develop loving long term relationships within the family environment.

Dads' UNI believes that prevention is indeed the best cure and history has shown that many of the relational disasters experienced within the family unit can be avoided or at least mitigated.

Dealing effectively with the overwhelming increase in family breakdowns in society will take a substantial change in both the behaviours and attitudes of the current generation as it has accepted beliefs and lifestyles that are self defeating when it comes to family life.

I have written previously upon the basis of many of the problems we now face in western society in my blog Why Do We Need Dads' UNI?

Selfishness is always an underlying issue in marriage and relational breakdowns, when one or both sides are committed to getting their own way, or winning the argument at any cost. Unfortunately within a relational family setting the cost is often being paid by the most vulnerable members of the family, the children.

There are some who believe that because children are 'resilient' that they are not adversely affected by marriage breakdown or divorce. Having grown up in a dysfunctional family setting that ended in divorce, I have experienced first hand some of the many problems that accompany a family breakdown and would not wish it on anyone, especially a child.

To build a fence at the top of the hill we need to re-educate and retrain the current generation of fathers in principles and attitudes that work in developing, strengthening and maintaining long term relationships.

This adjustment is critical if we are to give both our marriage and our family the life they need and deserve. When you build a house the most critical stage is always the laying of the foundation and if the foundation is flawed then the house is also flawed. You may want to look into this further in my previous blog Laying Strong Foundations

Now there are numerous issues that need to be addressed if we are to successfully relay a foundation for a prosperous family life, but I believe that gaining a biblical understanding of marriage is vital. Take a look at my blog on 5 Benefits of Traditional Marriage

Dads' UNI is here to assist young fathers and train them in the areas of Understanding, Nurturing and Imparting to their children and families. To truly assist young men they firstly need to realise and accept that they need help and must be open to considering new ideas and ways of life.

Change is never easy but it is totally possible if we are motivated enough and committed to seeing the best possible outcome for our families. I would encourage any young man who truly desires a wonderful family life to subscribe to our Free Weekly Tips email service or alternately to access our growing Resources Page.


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