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Grabbing Hold of Hope

Updated: Jun 6

Many times, in life we arrive at places or find ourselves in circumstances that we wish were different, that we wish we could change. Whether it be a job that leaves us feeling dissatisfied or the boredom of doing the same old things continually, frustration comes to us all. Sometimes while we are giving our best effort in raising children we find ourselves disappointed and discouraged as a parent.

Beam of Light
Light In The Darkness

Thankfully there are occasions when something arises in our hearts for just a fraction of a second that offers a potential way out, a light at the end of the tunnel. We see it in our hearts and feel the clarity it brings as it rises into our minds, a hope for better things to come.

When hope begins to arise in the human heart different people respond in different ways. Some people see the chance that hope brings, but immediately begin to consider all the reasons why it couldn’t happen or wouldn’t happen to them and they change the image of hope in their heart to an image of failure and defeat.

Another person may find themselves in a similar circumstance but respond quite differently when they see the chance that hope brings. They perceive that hope is not just a random thought floating through their mind, but that it comes with power and a sense of destiny attached to it. When the hope arrives in their heart and mind, they grab hold of it firmly, like a man clinging to a life-preserver amid a stormy sea. The more they hang onto it the firmer it becomes in their hands, and what began merely as potential begins to grow into an assurance that this can really happen.

The more they ponder and consider the hope that they have seen in their hearts the stronger the image and certainty grows inside them, that there is a way out, that better things can come into their life. I believe that often hope is not just a random thought, but is an encouraging message sent from God, our loving heavenly Father to his child. Hope shines a light upon the path that He knows will lead us out of our current circumstances and into a better future.

Hope is an anchor

There is a scripture written by the Apostle Paul that reveals a powerful principle for life it states that “Hope is an anchor for the soul of man”. An anchor is a steadying influence for a ship upon the sea, it keeps it facing in the right direction even in troubled waters and stops it from being wrecked upon the rocky shoreline. (Hebrews 6:19)

Hope is a gift

Another one of my favourite scriptures reveals that God Himself is the source of hope to mankind and He imparts this as a gift to those who ask Him for it faithfully. This wonderful promise reveals that the heart of man can be filled with joy and peace as we believe and entrust our lives to Him. (Romans 15:13)

So, what are some practical steps we can take to ensure that we don’t lose the chance that hope brings?

  • · Don’t negate hope by believing the negatives that arise in your mind

  • · Realise that hope comes with power to bring itself to fulfilment

  • · Be patient and continue to believe in the hope in your heart

  • · Let the hope grow into a step by step plan to a better future

  • · Be brave enough to act on your plan when the right time comes

Hope may only come as a glimpse, a momentary vision in our hearts but if we continue to believe in that hope it will grow stronger and a plan will begin to form in our mind.

Remember that you don’t need to see the whole road first before you step out on the new journey that hope brings, every journey begins with a single step in the right direction. Step out in faith knowing that the same One who inspired the hope in your heart will continue to lead you as you travel along the road.


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