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Bringing Stress Home (Keys To Relieve Stress)

Updated: Jun 7

As a father we normally have the main role as breadwinner/provider for our family, and this most often requires that we spend large amounts of time away from them whilst at work. These times of separation are made easier the knowledge that we are enabling our family financially to have food on the table and a roof over their heads. In this teaching I will share some simple keys to relieve stress before you go home to your family.,

Help Me Jesus
Stressed Out Man

Fathers are usually the parent who is tasked with ‘bringing home the bacon’, but it’s not just the bacon but often the cares and worries from our work lives that we also ‘bring home’.

Unfortunately many fathers are being required to work longer and longer hours in jobs that are often in very high pressure environments.

Man is not designed to function under high levels of stress for long periods of time.

Unless a father develops the ability to off-load the cares and worries of his work environment before he gets home, he can often transfer some of that stress to his family. This will often have a negative effect upon the level of peace in the home, and the father will begin to alienate the very people he sacrifices daily to support.

Understanding the processes that continually build up the stress levels in our lives is crucial if we are to develop effective strategies to combat them. Identifying the tell-tale signs of stress build up helps men manage their mental and emotional state earlier and restricts the possibility of things spiralling out of control.

Alleviating the existing stress levels through enacting procedures that bring peace into our hearts and minds ensures that we stay on top of the situation.

Often we are able to relieve stress build up by simply taking a few minutes and changing our thought patterns. This can be achieved by going for a walk or sitting in a park, many people find peace by entering into prayer or meditation. The key is to identify the actions that assist you in finding peace and release from the build up of internal stress; these actions may be different for each person.

Keys To Relieve Stress

Some simple suggestions that may assist you in arriving home ready to take up your all important role as a father:

  1. Take public transport to and from work and use the time to alleviate stress on the way home

  2. Get off the bus/train one stop early and walk home briskly, the exercise will do you good mentally and physically

  3. Find an employer who understands and promotes a work/family life balance

  4. Don’t allow daily challenges to rob your focus from your ultimate goals

  5. Get out of the office for lunch as often as possible.

Ultimately fathers go to work to provide for the benefit of their families, and the finances they are able to ‘bring home’ enable the family to function properly. If the stresses of their work environment are not dealt with effectively before they get home it can pollute the peace of the home and the entire family may be impacted.

It is very important that we as fathers are able to put off our ‘work worries’ and be free enough mentally and emotionally to put on our role as a father to our children and husband to our wife. These skills may take some time to develop but are definitely worth the time and energy it takes, as the results will benefit those you love the most.


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