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Updated: Jun 7

As men and fathers, we will face many challenges throughout our lives, some of these will be overcome relatively easily while others may prove incredibly difficult to endure. Ultimately it is how we face these challenges that often decides whether we arise victorious from them. Being prepared before you ever face the battle gives you a far better chance of success.

Fortified Castle
Preparation gives us the best chance for success as fathers

Winning The Battle

Following are some suggestions to help us as fathers arise victorious from the battles that come our way throughout life:

Create a battle plan

Every man who is raising children needs to be as prepared as they possibly can be for the unexpected events of life. Taking some time to consider how you would be able to react in different circumstances strengthens your overall effectiveness as a parent and improves your parenting decisions. Winning the battle is often dependent upon the level of preparations you have made.

Although it’s impossible to be prepared for everything that may eventuate in life, having a broad plan or strategy at least gives you a track to run on.

Protecting loved ones

In medieval times there were many castles throughout England and Europe and these were usually owned by a regional Lord or Ruler. It was his role to protect the surrounding villagers by defending them from any invading forces of the enemy. When an enemy army was sighted the local populations were protected behind the walls of the castle or stronghold.

One of the primary roles of a father is to protect his family at all costs, like those regional Lords we need to ensure that our loved ones are safe during difficult times.

Increasing security

Wise Lords spent time improving the defences of their castles long before the enemy was ever sighted. They used methods and strategies that had proven successful over many years in stopping an enemy from breaking into their fortification. Some of these strategies included the digging of moats around the castles base and raising a drawbridge thereby cutting off the enemies’ access into the castle.

As fathers we need to create an environment of peace and safety for our family, we should ensure that all access points into our home are secure.

Improving lines of sight

In the peaceful years between attacks the Rulers and Lords often cleared the surrounding forest thereby restricting the possibility of surprise attacks, as the enemy could be seen coming a long way off. Farsightedness and awareness are still useful today in our parenting role and it assists us to be prepared early enough to effectively protect our family.

Creating alliances

Building relationships with other regional Lords and Rulers was advantageous as they could combine their forces together to defend successfully or even attack the enemy. Wise fathers realise that creating friendships with your neighbours is helpful in case you need backup or advice in any situation you may face. Being part of a local dad network has many advantages including multiplied insights and ideas on fathering.

Preparing supplies beforehand

One of the most effective ways to strengthen your ability to ward off an enemy’s attack in medieval times was to constantly have supplies laid up in storage in case of need. Food, water and weapons were set aside within the castle permanently and the supplies refreshed regularly. Often it might be those very reserves that gave you the victory as the enemy grew impatient and passed on to another region in search of easier pickings. As a father this could be realising that our financial position could change quickly if I’m made redundant at work etc. and setting some extra money aside for tough times.

Having a battle plan improves our ability to function in our role as a father and protector. It gives us the confidence we need to keep a cool head and make the right decisions in stressful situations. Life sometimes throws up surprises that come upon us like an attacking enemy but being prepared beforehand gives us as fathers the best chance of arising victorious.


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